A Technical Ghostwriter?

I have always wanted to be a writer, even though I’m unsure if I understood what that meant. I know it included romantic notions, such as sitting in a bar, smoking, drinking, and cranking out tales on a manual typewriter.

Knowing I’d starve to death, I decided to get into computer programming.

I started learning C and writing code but couldn’t get a job as a C developer because I didn’t have a college degree at the time. Luckily, a fantastic little company in Fairfax, Virginia, took a chance on me.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been a developer, software project manager, team lead, recruiter, agency owner, freelance programmer, and other technical jobs.

My love of writing has helped tremendously, whether it be writing technical documents, emails, or briefs; I credit my ability to persuade using written words with keeping me employed on many occasions.

One of my former managers asked me to ghostwrite emails for him.

He was not a good writer.

He kept me in free lunches, happy hours, and paychecks.

One day, he told me I was so good at technical ghostwriting that I should offer it as a service.

Really? You think people would pay me for this?


So I did, and here we are.

Ghostwriting for people is just one aspect of what I do, and it is the one that carries the most risk, so those clients are like personal friends. I have to be in their heads.

The less risky side is helping tech professionals grow their brands on X. Sending daily tweets is a great way to stay alive on the timeline.

I also write for brands, crafting compelling stories that make people want to buy a product or service.

Tech skills + communication skills is a killer combo, and not many people possess that blend.

Is technical ghostwriting the same as technical SEO?

I’ll go out on a limb here and say no.

“Technical SEO” is what people who own SEO services try to sell you. Their job is to convince you there is some deep, dark magic to getting pages to rank.

The bottom line is that technical SEO can be accomplished with a free WordPress plugin.

The key to getting ranked is to write good content.

Anything else is complete bullshit.

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