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All The Way Through High School. I’ve always enjoyed being outside. I enjoyed being outside so much that when I was in school, I would find excuses to go outside, and often not return until the next day. When I was old enough to start driving myself to school I kept a fishing pole and…

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In no particular order: Tiger King The Mandalorian Star Wars movies (except for the one that released in 1977) American Idol The Masked Singer (Honestly, WTF?) Fidget Spinner (fortunately dying off) Facebook Instagram Snapchat Dr. Phil Oprah Winfrey Ellen Degeneres The View Craft Beer (Who likes drinking water that tastes like grass?) Drink and Paint…

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My wife and I have managed to get one kid from birth and almost through his fourth year of college, and two others through 8th and 9th grade without too much trouble (as of the time of this writing). We’ve made some mistakes by being too easy at times, and probably a complete pain in…

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