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When I first started selling products online back in 2003, I had to guess at what keywords my customers would search for. My sales page kicked ass, but everything on the “technical side” of selling products online was different back in 2003. Here is a Wayback Machine capture of my sales page from December…

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Beard Oil isn’t something I’ve ever thought about. Why would I, and why in the hell would you oil up a beard? No time like the present to start digging in, because quite literally, it is what my beard is doing to any exposed skin whenever it makes contact. I started growing a beard on…

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Bald, as in eagle and shiny head. One is beautiful, the other strikes fear in the heart. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to pick which one is which. Having a bald head is amazing if you’re a swimmer or hate shopping for hair products. I’m neither, but seem to be dealing…

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