Writing Tools

Here are the tools that I use while writing. They are helpful for everything from my personal blog to my niche affiliate websites.

I love free tools. That said, I’m not opposed to paying for a tool that delivers value. All of the tools listed here are either free, or have a free tier that is actually useful.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer Headlines matter. Big time. They catch your readers eye, and bring them to your article. Practice writing headlines here.

Trello Similar to, but better than Evernote.

Hemingway Editor I use the Hemingway Editor for readability analysis. Some of the rules (it hates adverbs) are annoying, and if you follow every bit of guidance it could take away your voice. YMMV but I like it for what I use it for.

WordPress Plugins

I’ve been a web developer since 1994, it wasn’t as easy back then. In fact, I am bald today due to the stresses of writing CGI scripts in PERL.

WordPress makes building websites incredibly easy.

Scriptless Social Sharing – I love simple solutions to seemingly complicated problems. This is absolutely the best social sharing WordPress plugin available. Robin Cornett is the developer. I don’t know her personally, but she is awesome for making this and putting it out there for free.

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