Software Project Management

I remember the day I was hired to work as a software developer for a huge defense contractor. The offer letter was delivered, I signed it, faxed it back, and showed up at the facility two weeks later.

Between the time the offer was made and the day I showed up, the person that was managing the SW team had moved on. Interestingly enough, they thought I’d make a perfect SW PM. Perfect in that I knew how to open Microsoft Project, had a beating heart, a security clearance, and was on the payroll.

I’ve learned a ton since that day, some at their expense, most at my own.

I love managing software projects and leading teams of developers.

What I find frustrating though is that many people that are working as product managers or project managers don’t have any development experience.

I think this is unique to the software world too. I’m acquainted with owners of several large construction companies. In that field, most of the project managers have experience working in the field, and have degrees in engineering or construction management. I’ve worked with large aerospace companies, their PM’s are aeronautical engineers. Computer hardware companies? Their PM’s are Electrical or Computer Engineers (or both).

What is it about the software industry where a PM can say “I don’t know anything about software, but if I were you I’d pull all that to the left.” and not get laughed out of the room?

What is it about the software industry where a prospective PM can take a weekend class on Agile, pass an exam, then be leading teams of experienced industry professionals off a cliff?

I don’t know.

I’m a good software project manager, I have over 25 years of relevant experience from small products to multi-billion dollar U.S. Department of Defense efforts.

I can smell bullshit when it walks in the door. I can assess risk and create mitigation plans. I can identify the root cause of a failing effort and get it back on its feet.

I can find people to build your team, then lead them from concept refinement, design, coding, integration, test, and delivery.

It’s a job, and I love it.

Immediately available for short and long term engagements.

Reach out and let’s talk.

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