Fredericksburg Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer?

I know the best criminal defense lawyer in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. The funny thing is that I didn’t even know what he did for a living for the longest time. We were shooting the shit one afternoon at a basketball game and he was bitching about how much he spent each month to be listed on the large sites that most attorneys advertise on. These sites are just directories for the most part, but they are huge and trusted by Google, so they help a ton with SEO.

He told me that “$3-5K per month isn’t uncommon” for you to be listed on these sites and have someone manage your profile.

I was floored.

He thought he was getting a good deal.

So I started doing some “shadow” local SEO work and he started popping up everywhere.

He’d get phone calls for initial consults and when his office would ask how they found him they’d provide the name of the site or Twitter account I was using.

It’s a competitive market, and new lawyers are hitting the street every year, desperate to start paying down their $150k-$200k student loan balances.

“I can send you leads, it’s up to you to close them.”

The beauty of being a criminal defense lawyer in Fredericksburg (or Stafford), Virginia is that Interstate 95 runs right through here and there are people that haul ass up and down that road 24 hours a day. Some are drunk, some are driving insanely fast, some are carrying drugs, whatever.

But after a trip through our county, they need a lawyer.

I lay little bits of bait all over the internet to bring them to me, so I can then send them to you.

It’s magic.


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