Private Coaching, Mentoring, Mock Interviewing, or Just Talking Shit

Maybe all four?

Completely up to you.

I’ve noticed something…

Yeah, some of you will chalk this up to some Boomer Bullshit, but it’s real and you know it.

Many people don’t have anyone to turn to for sound, objective feedback, coaching, and mentoring.

When is the last time someone listened to you and then looked up and asked: “WTF are you talking about?”

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Many people are caught up in the “OMG you’re awesome!” world of social media and they spend their lives churning and wondering why they aren’t making the progress they’d hoped for.

They might just be missing some honest feedback or a brainstorming session with someone that has actually accomplished something.

Brainstorming, suggestions on how to validate ideas before you spend a lot of time and money, pros/cons/options when it comes to education, and just general life guidance from someone that has been through some shit.

That is what I’m offering you.

I’ve been through some shit and have come out just fine.

Who TF Do I Think I Am?

Eh, I know who I am, do you know who you are?

If you’re here, you probably found me on Twitter, so you know what’s up, but if not, here is a recap of some of my career and life accomplishments:

My Career and Life Accomplishments

  • Barely graduated high school (they told me I can have my diploma if I promise to never come back)
  • Joined the US Marine Corps, Honor Graduate, Platoon 2220 (Dec 1984), Paris Island, SC.
  • BS Information Systems, Charter Oak State College (2006)
  • MS Information Systems, Nova Southeastern University (2007)
  • MEng Systems Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology (2011)
  • Have created, managed, and sold an IT services and consulting company
  • Spent the last 17 years consulting on large commercial and government software projects
  • I’ve been a recruiter at times in my career, and am currently a hiring manager, so I know what companies are looking for
  • I create and sell information products online
  • Have been writing on Medium since 2019 and earn residual income that I’m using to invest for my “retirement”
  • Father of 3 (two college athletes and one HS senior)
  • Internationally Acclaimed Twitter Shitposter (2022-2023)

Ask Me Anything

I’ll email you within 24 hours after your purchase to schedule our call.

I will also ask you to send me a few topics areas that you would like to discuss so I can be prepared and make the most of our time together.

You can decide if you want to have one 1-hour call or two 30-minute calls, I’m flexible and want it to be as productive for you as possible.

This is all about you!

And creating outcomes you deserve.

Buy today, and let’s get you moving in a direction that will change your life for the better.

Click Here to Book a Time For Us to Talk ($150)

But wait! There’s more…

Our relationship doesn’t end when we get off the call.

It’s just the beginning.

I’ll create a private Slack channel (or private email if you’d like) that we will use for 30 days of follow-on coaching/feedback/Career Q&A

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