Dutch Oven Cooking Is “Must Do” While Camping

I was helping my Dad organize his shed a few years ago and noticed that he had a few Dutch Ovens in the shed, new in box. I asked if he planned on using them and he confirmed that he didn’t and even if he did, he wouldn’t need two of them.

So I became the proud owner of a dutch oven.

Now, what to do with it?

When I mentioned that my Dad had given me a dutch oven, she was on it like stink on a monkey. That girl likes to get a PhD in everything she does, so before I knew it she had printed out a few recipes that we were going to try out on our next camping trip.

But first, we must season the dutch oven!

Seasoning a dutch oven is done to seal up the pores in the metal with oil or whatever. It makes it non-stick’ish for the most part. Like the cast iron pans that our people used to use in the old days to cook everything (and I still use to finish steaks in the oven at home).

I’m not going to go into the details of how to season a dutch oven, but will point you to this killer post on how to season a dutch oven.

Dutch Oven Recipes To Try While Camping

Dutch Oven Fruit Cobbler is hosted over at the blog my wife uses to keep track of these things, and even though she’s not active I’ll still pass her a little link juice.

We have also made the following, and will get the links up soon:

  • Chicken, Potatoes, Bacon, and BBQ sauce.
  • Sausages
  • Breakfast Casserole (Mountain Man)

Dutch Oven Heat: Campfire or Charcoal?

I have used coals from the campfire, but find that charcoal is much more long lasting and reliable, consistent heat. Start the charcoal in a chimney, dump on the ground, spread out according to directions, and place a few on the lid (once the lid is on top of the dutch oven).

How do you take the lid off of a hot dutch oven?

Carefully. I have a poker for the fire that hooks into the lid handle perfectly, but you can also use channel locks, pliers, or insulated fire gloves. If you are using the gloves, don’t dilly dally because the heat does make it into the glove and will warm your thumb and fingers up real fast.

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