April 12th, 2020 – Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, and Virginia is locked down because of the Wuhan Virus (popularly known as COVID-19 because of political concerns). Back in March, the Governor of Virginia locked Virginia down until June 10th, which coincidentally is the day after the Republican Primary on June 9th.

Troy is in Winchester, hanging in the house he has lived in with his teammates (Mitchell and Morgan) for the past two years. He is a Senior at Shenandoah University, Business Administration major, lacrosse player. The season ended early for them, because of the panic that took over the country due to the Wuhan Virus. They are all reeling, dealing with depression and anxiety caused by the sudden end of a lacrosse season, their Senior year of college being conducted via Zoom (so the school doesn’t have to refund any tuition), graduation postponed or cancelled (haven’t heard anything definitive yet), and all their friends thrown to the wind – back home since the dorms are closed. Now as a graduating Senior, my son, and all the sons and daughters across America are facing the prospect of finding a job when business are failing at an alarming rate because of the lock down.

Zack is a Freshman is college. He is a swimmer that competes all year with a club team, and also plays golf and swims for his high school teams. He made a national cut time and was supposed to compete in Nationals in Florida, but that got cancelled because of the lock down. His trip to Disney World with his high school band was cancelled. They were going to play in a Disney recording studio and march in one of the Magic Kingdom parades.

Zoe is in 8th grade. She is a swimmer and dancer. All practices are cancelled so she isn’t in the pool or dance studio. She is able to do some practice at home, but misses seeing her friends. So now she is on her phone all the time utilizing FaceTime to keep up with everyone.

As much as all this sucks, it is a hard lesson on why we put our kids in sports. We have our kids in sports to learn how to deal with adversity. How to face a challenge, formulate a plan, and overcome. Work hard, put in the time, execute your plan, and win or lose you will deal with the outcome and move on.

As an adult that has had the opportunity to deal with adversity, I know this isn’t the end of the world. Things will be different, but we will pick up and move on. The other only option is to lie down and die, which is never an option.

This is America, we are born from rebels.

Pick yourself up, dust off, grab a Band Aid if you need one, and move out.