Track Moz Data Over Time

When I’m trying to rank a new site with the search engines, I use Moz to pull the Domain Authority, Page Authority, links and Moz Rank. I had been keeping all of this in Excel, updating my spreadsheet data when the Moz index updates (roughly once a month from what I can tell), then updating the charts for my site. This was quickly becoming a pain in the ass because I have a LOT of sites (used for affiliate marketing, regular blogs, etc) and also like to track performance of some competitor sites.

To get around having to do this manually, which was taking close to an hour a month, I created a site that pulls data from Moz every week (just to I don’t miss an update) and then I save that data so I can track performance over time. I also create a chart for each site that shows the Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority data for each site.

I also added the ability to view Google Analytics (GA) data for all of the web properties that I track using GA. It’s just a convenience that shows the SEO metrics I most care about: Page views, organic traffic, bounce rate and top 10 landing pages. I can obviously use the GA site itself to dig deep into the metrics, but it’s nice having it all in once place for a quick dashboard view.

WebSEOTracker is free for up to 10 websites, I’ll be adding more capability over time.


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