Niche: Daily Fantasy Sports

The highly competitive, multi-billion dollar, Daily Fantasy Sports niche is alive and well. The competition is fierce between the vendors of the many products and services available. DFS players buy information and access to tools to improve their probability of success. One category of DFS tool available to players is lineup optimizers. I started a review site in January of 2016 to review DFS lineup optimizers and show the results of playing lineups generated by these optimizers.

Let’s imagine that you are a DFS player, have read about people using lineup optimizers, and go to Google to look for reviews of lineup optimizers. You enter the search phrase “dfs lineup optimizer reviews” and the following results are generated:

First page ranking in Google for the search term “dfs lineup optimizer reviews”

And that is just one search phrase that provides first page results on Google.

Getting on the first page of Google puts dollars in your pocket.

Are you on the first page of Google for the search terms related to your product or service?

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